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Partner FELLFAB CORPORATION Achieves Safety Milestone – 500 days without a “Lost Time Injury”

Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas – May 14, 2012 – FELLFAB® is pleased to announce that its 2 US facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas achieved 500 days without a ‘Lost Time Injury’ on May 14, 2012. This achievement marks the first milestone of the Safety Incentive Program at FELLFAB®. This program was initiated as a way to promote and to improve health and safety within each of the company’s facilities by tracking the number of days without a ‘Lost Time Injury.’ A lost-time injury can be defined as a medically approved absence from work as a result of a workplace accident or injury. Milestones have been identified in 500-day increments and achievements are celebrated per facility. This is a huge achievement for the Company as it continues to focus on health and safety and reduce the number of accidents and injuries. FELLFAB®’s commitment to safety not only includes its employees, but also extends to include customers, suppliers, contractors, and the general public. Congratulations to everyone on their commitment to making FELLFAB® a safe place to work.