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Airline Fabricare Systems® was founded in 2001 to provide a comprehensive system designed to manage your high contact asset needs through value added solutions.

We have the manufacturing capability, tools, geographic footprint, staff and experience to address the full range of your textile needs through our customized end-to-end Program Management offering.

We utilize our proprietary software ALINK™, and dedicated Customer Advocates to audit, manage, and report out on your textile care program – with 24/7 access to real-time dashboard updates.

We offer service in a number of major U.S. cities and can expand quickly to service additional markets through our relationship with select partners.

Our certified and experienced team handles every level of program management so our customers can be confident of full control over their programs – giving you and your company – AFS Assurance™.

Airline Fabricare Systems® specializes in all aspects of customer facing assets including:

Repair & Refurbishment
Interior Cleaning & Disinfection

“Together with our partner companies, we believe our support and leadership is unmatched by our competitors.”

Paul Pemberton, Vice President of Sales

We proudly offer

Comprehensive and innovative value added customer facing textile care programs

Full capability to engineer and manufacture innovative products from technical and specialized textiles

Customizable software solutions designed to manage your textile assets and an audit platform to track and maintain their condition

A management team with experience that spans textile product manufacturing and care requirements across a range of industries

Our Offices

In addition to our operating locations, we have multiple offices in the United States and Canada to serve you.

With Airline Fabricare Systems® you get AFS Assurance™.

Comprehensive care solutions developed by people who know high customer contact assets

Program management solutions by people who know the transportation industry

Available on-site staffed nation or fleetwide programs addressing all phases of asset / textile care and manufacturing for one simple monthly fee

A fiscally responsible operation built on innovation, safety and proactive communication

Customizable software that will ensure full transparency for your assets and our performance

Dedicated Customer Advocate to ensure we are anticipating your needs

Airline Fabricare Systems® - Delivering World Class Results To Any Size Project, Anywhere

Management Team

Andy Albert


Paul Pemberton

VP of Sales

Jonathan Owens

Customer Advocate

Robert Carrillo

Area Supervisor Dallas/Fort Worth

Greg Kennedy

Area Supervisor - Denver

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