ALINK™ by Airline Fabricare Systems® is an innovative software solution that empowers our partners to deliver the safest, cleanest, highest quality customer contact environments in their industries – with the data and precision that efficiently drives customer experience up and costs down.

Work Smarter

ALINK™ is a full audit and work planning platform that includes:

o Asset management and tracking

o Digitized location layouts

o Configurable audit scoring

o Full picture capabilities including baseline, issue identification and post repair

o Generation of parts lists associated with specific audits/repairs

o Real time inventory management tie in for parts required

o Cost projections and tracking relative to budget

o Expired time tracking between issue identification and resolution

o Messaging capability

o Customizable dashboards and reporting

o Mobile and Desktop accessibility across all platforms

o Available in the App Store and Google Play stores

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We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of safety and regulatory standards.

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