Repair & Refurbishment

Our proprietary off-frame textile refurb process continues to be a go-to solution for a number of the world’s largest carriers.

Refurbishment Program

Our off-frame leather refurb process is tailored specifically for your textile, style and color to produce like new seat covers. In addition to physical repairs, we remove the “shine” off of the cover and restore it back to its original color and top coat luster. This is a cost effective alternative to replacing existing assets and key to a program designed to extend the life your current seat covers.

The process includes:

  • On site textile change out options
  • Extensive cleaning
  • Reconditioning
  • Repair of any damaged panels
  • A color revive and sealer
  • All required warehousing

The process meets all FAA requirements and produces a seat cover that is environmentally friendly and furthers fiscal responsibility while supporting your customer experience goals. Each cover returned to the customer is complete with an 8130-3 airworthiness tag.

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