With more than nine years of experience in providing warehouse management and inventory control services to our aviation customers, AFS combines the latest available technologies with our proprietary control systems and processes to reduce waste, improve productivity and consistently outperform the competition. 

We do the work - and track can track completion down to the individual unit.

Upholstery and Work Management System (iROD)
Our proprietary management system (iROD) is web based and real time with work planning and reporting tools, historical movement, inventory and user tracking / reports.

iROD contains a portal to record inbound and outbound inventory traffic. We also provide inventory reports that allow your organization to improve parts availability while reducing cost.

The transaction component of our systems allows users to add/remove parts from the system, creates time and date stamps for each transaction and tracks user activity.

Our employees are equipped with iPad and / or iPhone technology - making real time work assignment and inventory updates possible.

Parts management reports currently available include: Current Stock, Thresholds (Min/Max Alerts), Airline Parts, Parts Location, Transactions, In Transit and Scrap.


iROD also provides our employees with real time information and tracks our performance.


New features are added to iROD on a regular basis – and we also have the capability to build out enhancements customized to your company’s specific needs.

Take control of your textile costs, cleanliness and availability requirements by adding iROD to your systems management portfolio.