Maintenance / Repair

Airline Fabricare Systems® has a number of solutions that can be applied to your textile maintenance and repair needs. Components typically addressed include but are not limited to leather (including E-Leather) and cloth seat covers, carpet, curtains, cushions electical charging stations and crew rest areas.

Cloth components are inspected, vacuumed, cleaned (carpets) and/or changed out based on need and applied schedule. Soiled cloth items removed are properly cleaned, accounted for and returned to stock. A new or cleaned and inspected seat cover is re-installed. Also of note is that Airline Fabricare Systems® partnerships mean that we own and run our own dry cleaning facilities – giving us control of the entire process. That also includes one of only 9 accredited burn testing labs in the United States!
Leather / E Leather

Leather interior components often represent a large investment for transportation companies. Leather is the pinnacle textile and as such, should be cared for professionally and on a scheduled basis.

Airline Fabricare Systems® has partnered with The Leather Institute, providing our customers the very best in on board leather care and repair. The Leather Institute is one of the founding commercial leather care companies, providing the very best in leather care training and products – and we are currently the licensed commercial airline provider for the United States.

Public Seating

Airline Fabricare Systems® can also clean and repair all brands of public seating including seat covers, seat cushions, arm rests, seating structures and corresponding charging stations.

Keeping Your Leather Looking Like New

The goal is to maintain your investment as well as the appearance and comfort leather provides. You can save a significant amount of money when you choose to implement a textile maintenance program instead of replacement. This program can restore the  finish to a like-new condition while on board/frame. You get more value for your investment in leather when you combine restoration with an ongoing maintenance program. You reduce the overall costs and keep your seats looking great and functioning well.

Ongoing Maintenance

A well-integrated program includes scheduled cleaning and conditioning. It also allows corrective procedures for ink stains, abrasions, or scuffs. Once established, a maintenance program will cover most cleaning/repair needs and should be all that is necessary to keep your interiors looking like new for several years.