• Airline Fabricare Systems® was founded in 2001 as a partnership between two well established companies in the transportation industry (FELLFAB® and AccuFleet) and offers a comprehensive system designed to manage your interior textile needs.

    Airline Fabricare Systems® specializes in all aspects of interior textiles including:

    • Manufacturing
    • Installation
    • Cleaning
    • Refurbishment
    • Repair
    • Resource Management
  • Airline Fabricare Systems® is truly, “one company with the strength of three”. Together with our partner companies, we believe our support and leadership is unmatched by our competitors.

    • A diversified pool of financial resources
    • Over 90 years of combined experience
    • Expertise in all of the individual disciplines that make up our Management, Manufacturing and Service companies
    • A collective customer base that spans the transportation industry
  • At Airline Fabricare Systems® we work towards a long term sustainability strategy that simply involves doing the right thing.

    • Developing and maintaining a strong communication platform with our customers
    • Running a lean, mobile and fiscally responsible operation
    • Measuring and reporting out on our performance
    • Ensuring that we give back – to national organizations and locally
    • Minimizing our environmental footprint